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Plating Processes


Cody Metal Finishing chloride plating process delivers bright quality finishes without the use of highly toxic cyanide. Our commitment is to remain completely cyanide free, in our processes. Zinc plating is used to prevent oxidation of zinc, tin alloys and other metals. Zinc plating is as a corrosion inhibitor, primer or decorative finish.


Typically Zinc Chloride processes are a low-cost rust prevention treatment that functions extremely well. There are other much higher cost treatments such as nickel or chrome that may yield a glossier finish, while zinc, in many applications, is far more effective, at far lower costs.


Cody Metal Finishing has capabilities to plate to the ASTM B633 standards and similar applications and specifications.


Zinc Plating Services


Production Capabilities:


 •    ASTM B-633 Process      •   Zinc, Olive Drab & Black
    All Processes Cyanide Free       ROHS Compliant Zinc Clear & Yellow
 •    Hoist Line Capable Of Handling Parts As Long As 10’  
 •   Fully Automated Cycle-Master Line, Capable of Handling Parts As Long As 36”  
 •   Barrel Plating  
 •   Approved Supplies Include: Autoliv, ISI Takata, Key Safety Systems, Motorola, Delco, Briggs & Stratton, Ford, GM, Toyota, DMX Chrysler