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Barrel Plating


Barrel plating is a process of mass production finishing generally at lower cost than rack plating. Barrel plating produces parts with excellent burnishing and plating uniformity.


Barrel plating can handle a wide variety of shapes, sizes and contours and is appropriate for items such as fasteners brackets or smaller machine parts.


Cody Metal Finishing has years of experience barrel plating parts for a wide variety of uses and industries.


We can assist you in determining which plating process will produce the highest quality at the highest value for your job.


Zinc Trivalent Chromate Barrel Plating



  ASTM B-633 Types I, II, & III  
    All Processes Cyanide Free  
    ROHS Compliant Zinc Clear & Yellow  
    Zinc Olive Drab & Black  
    Hoist Line Capable Of Handling Parts As Long As 10’  
    Fully Automated Cycle-Master Line Capable of Handling Parts As Long As 36”  
    Barrel Plating  
    Approved Supplies Include: Autoliv, ISI Takata, Key Safety Systems, Motorola, Delco, Briggs & Stratton, Ford, GM, Toyota, DMX Chrysler