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Zinc Olive Drab Plating

Olive drab is generally designed for higher corrosion protection and rust inhibitor.


Olive drab chromate is also an iridescent chromate, that may exhibit different hues. This is considered normal when dealing with iridescence.


Typically military or automotive applications are appropriate for olive drab plating, where exposure to corrosion is a high factor. 

Cody Metal Finishing has the capabilities to plate to the ASTM B633 spec, with zinc olive drab chromate application standards and similar applications of companies specifications.



Olive Drab Barrel Finishing

Zinc Plating Services


Production Capabilities:


 •    ASTM B-633 Process      •   Zinc, Olive Drab & Black
    All Processes Cyanide Free       ROHS Compliant Zinc Clear & Yellow
 •    Hoist Line Capable Of Handling Parts As Long As 10’  
 •   Fully Automated Cycle-Master Line, Capable of Handling Parts As Long As 36”  
 •   Barrel Plating  
 •   Approved Supplies Include: Autoliv, ISI Takata, Key Safety Systems, Motorola, Delco, Briggs & Stratton, Ford, GM, Toyota, DMX Chrysler